Quotes from ’30 Years Of Paisley Park’ events

We received some great comments from our recent ’30 Years of Paisley Park’ events:

Elisa Joseph — Charlotte, NC: Its been a great day where we got to hear from people who were close to him. (This event) really has created a sense of community for all of us. The most important thing is that we continue to support the legacy and that we continue to give to the alumni organization itself because it is the philanthropic arm of the work he does. More than that, it was a celebration of who he was as a man and as an artist and as a magical being.

James Sucher — San Francisco, CA: It’s amazing to see this community come together and continue to grow the legacy of Prince.

Kirk Thoren — Minneapolis, MN: This has probably been one of the most amazing days of my life. I hung out with Susan Rogers, Dave Hampton and Sam Jennings. There is not much I can compare to this.

Robin Stevens — Austin,TX: I am really thrilled and happy to be around such wonderful energy and to have heard such great stories from all the people that were part of that spectacular machine. Thank you.

Stacie Semler — Chanhassen, MN: This weekend has been emotional and very inspirational. I feel like it’s motivated me to chase my dreams more.

Jay — Washington DC: The one thing about this event is how much love there is here, the exchange… I’ve met a lot of great people and just wanna continue the legacy and love, (to) do all things in love, and just lift, lift, lift and love. I’m truly enjoying life.