PRN Alumni Foundation is comprised of the former employees of Prince, Paisley Park, Paisley Park Records, PRN Productions, NPG Records, LoveForOneAnother, any and all of Prince’s companies spanning his impressive nearly 40 year career.

There have been, quite literally hundreds of us in Prince’s employ. The Foundation represents our collective voice.

We are musicians, engineers, managers, lighting directors, wardrobe designers, stylists, makeup artists, drivers, bodyguards, admin staff, valets, drivers (and more!)

This ‘Stories From The Park’ chronicle is a way for our colleagues of all tenures and job types to share a little bit of Prince’s magic with you through our individual voices.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us…we feel as if we’ve known you, Prince’s fans (fam) forever Love

With love and gratitude,
PRN Alumni Foundation

Spotlight: Dr. Susan Rogers

Spotlight: Karen Lee

Spotlight: Peggy McCreary

Spotlight: Leisl AuVante

Spotlight: Dave Hampton

Spotlight: Taja Sevelle

Spotlight: Lisa Chamblee

Spotlight: Michelle Streitz

Spotlight: Sam Jennings

Spotlight: Jeff Munson

Spotlight: Steve Parke

Spotlight: James "Jaybe" Bryant

Spotlight: Michael B. Nelson

Spotlight: Estaire Godinez

Spotlight: Kat Dyson

Spotlight: Scott McCullough

Spotlight: Shane T. Keller

Spotlight: Cassandra O’Neal

Spotlight: Kimberly Arland

Spotlight: St. Paul Peterson

Spotlight: Jerry Hubbard JR