Quotes from ’30 Years Of Paisley Park’ events

We received some great comments from our recent ’30 Years of Paisley Park’ events:

Elisa Joseph — Charlotte, NC: Its been a great day where we got to hear from people who were close to him. (This event) really has created a sense of community for all of us. The most important thing is that we continue to support the legacy and that we continue to give to the alumni organization itself because it is the philanthropic arm of the work he does. More than that, it was a celebration of who he was as a man and as an artist and as a magical being.
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Insight News: Paisley Park Alums Honor Prince

KING to perform at concert benefiting area nonprofits

By Harry Colbert, Jr., Managing Editor, @HarryColbertJr

Prince left us with many gifts before his untimely passing.

The man who made it hip to say you were from Minnesota … who put First Avenue on the map … who made Lake Minnetonka a household name worldwide … who was Bruno Mars before Bruno Mars (and much better at it) … left an indelible legacy in music, in film and in our hearts. But there’s another legacy that Prince left behind … his legacy of philanthropic giving.

During his existence here on earth, Prince Rogers Nelson gave countless amounts of money to those in need and to worthy causes. This wasn’t celebrated during the artist’s life because for the most part … outside of a select few … most never knew about Prince’s giving. Many of the recipients of Prince’s generosity were unaware as to who was their benefactor.
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Star Tribune: Former Prince employees launch foundation with royal fundraiser starring R&B group King

By Jon Bream / Star Tribune

Former Paisley Park employees launch charitable foundation to support Prince’s favorite causes.

While Prince’s heirs are busy trying to figure out what to do with his music and intellectual property, some of his ex-employees are determined to carry on his charity work.

Several former Purple people have formed the PRN Alumni Foundation (as in Prince Rogers Nelson — he often used PRN for some of his businesses).

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Billboard: Alumni Launch Charitable Foundation

Prince Paisley Park Alumni Launch Charitable Foundation in His Honor
6/9/2017 by Gail Mitchell – Billboard.com

As Prince’s birthday week (June 7) comes to a close, a new foundation is being launched in his honor. The nonprofit PRN (Prince Rogers Nelson) Alumni Foundation — whose board of directors is comprised of former Paisley Park employees — is dedicated to aiding the various causes and charities that Prince supported over the years.

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